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We Care About Wellness

We're Farmers.  We Grow it.

As a consumer of cannabis products, your choices can align with your personal values.  When you purchase a product from CBDaves, you are purchasing a premium-quality product from a small group of Vermont farmers who place social and environmental values ahead of profit.  Our ingredients are locally-grown to the maximum extent possible and always organic.  Our team grows the hemp in our own field and harvests by hand, without tractors or chemicals.  We keep the whole plant in our recipe (minus the woody stems), including the nutritious hemp seeds that people and pets love.

We Need You To Care

Because we share this planet.  We are working towards organic certification of our Vermont farm, where we build our soil through cover-cropping and rotational planting.   



"EdibleRX dog biscuits make my little leggies feel better after spending a day running around at the local dog park here in Austin.  Thank you CBDaves!"

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"I tend to bark alot and my owner says I am much more mellow after I eat a biscuit or two of CBDaves Edible RX dog biscuits."



"Here in Vermont, I spend a lot of time outdoors in the mountains.  After a long day of hiking, I rest easy with an EdibleRX dog biscuit from CBDaves."

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