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Cinnamon clove ~ I call it my ski balm.  I use this blend on the advice of my acupuncturist.  Cinnamon is great for pain, especially pain that is exacerbated by cold.  The CBD and cinnamon have prevented a return of my sciatic nerve pain for a few years,  Plus the oils in the salve are great for the skin and joints. 


I appreciate your help all these years. You truly made a huge difference in his quality of life. CBD is a life saver. My fellow geriatric dog owner friend is also becoming a big fan. Says his girl seems to be doing a lot better!    
- Anne


Lavender Spruce ~ it’s a great balanced woodsy scent.  Helps with joint pain and general aches.  Little secret, I call it lavender spruce cooch balm. 
All the salves are safe to use on your most delicate skin and are completely safe to ingest. 
Spruce has antimicrobial properties that help with
staying healthy.  


Thank you very much for making a magical salve!  Your salve, truly, is the best product I’ve used.Thank you very much for making an excellent product. My aches due to arthritis improved tremendously. 
- Carrie

Orange Rose ~ the salves are excellent moisturizers and I love the addition of rose oil which is great for the skin. 
The scent is light and cheerful.  It makes me happy.  

I have been enjoying your amazing CBD healing salve. It really helped the pain.  I am learning something new! 
- Sally

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